Below is a list of material that I started to gather in order to send to those who are interested in learning about themselves, free themselves. This is a list in progress, so more will be added.

Some notes before you get started:

  • This list is a starting point to start doing your own research
  • Some material push for ideologies of their own. Resist the urge to criticize their agenda and receive the message they are trying to convey.


  • Autobiography of a Yogi, By Paramhansa Yogananda
    • This book will be intense, take as much time as you need to understand it and moving forward.

Yogananda Videos:

Today’s corporate world videos:

The Venus Project:

There are other projects that groups of people are discussing and proposing apart from the Venus Project or the GoldSilver based money, so you can find them when you do more research. The point being, money is not the only way our world can go forward with.

Reading material about Money in Canada:

Some YouTube channels:

These videos touch a bit on our mental capacity to understand the world around us. Some understand the world through numbers [science, theoretical science], others through art and various other forms.

  • Science videos from Neil DeGrass Tyson, Bill Nye, etc.
  • Youtube channels Veritasium, VSauce (1-3), Seeker, SciShow, PBS Space Time.

I can keep at this till Armageddon

We were given an assignment (by our teacher Alexandra Leggat) to pick a daily routine, observe it and write it into a poem.  For a few days, I would open my notebook and think of capturing that one routine that I want to share.  I thought that if I chose one routine, that one routine would cage me; so, I was unable to pick a routine for the assignment.  Though, I would start writing about how I don’t know what to write about, as this is how writers begin writing, right?  And then it hit me.  This is my daily routine, trying to come up with something .

The result is as follows:

I can keep at this till Armageddon

I am not sure what to write about.
May be write about my morning routine
or that philosophical topic I am thinkin’.

I am too worried,
worried that I don’t have anything worth sharing,
or even enough to fulfill this assignment’s bidding.

Regardless, I just started to write something,
so that I can get the noise out,
and get past it.

But I don’t hear anything,
it’s too quiet over my mast,
so not sure what I am trying to get past.

I don’t know why I am writing this,
when I don’t want to.
Why should I continue?

Perhaps because, THIS is my assignment.
Let Alexandra deal with it,
let my classmates have a laugh at this piece of sheet.

In fact, I will do just that.
So, there; this is my blabbering.
You just indulged into nothing.

Or is it really nothing?
That was 151 words, 155 now, 157.
Hah! I can keep at this till Armageddon.