Dattu Patel Actor, Improvisor, Stand-up Performer, Writer Below are the credits for the various acting and stand up parts.
Last Date (Short)AC Media ChannelRoyDecember 9, 2017 Link:
MichaelNatalie O'NeillAngry ManReleased: November 5, 2017 Link:
Ingrid's Story (Short)Offbeat ProductionCustomerIn development
Happy Birthday (Short)Dead Reckoning PicturesFriend #2
Rufus Hates Running (Short)Chahley Horse ProductionsDoctor VermaJanuary 2017
TV/New Media
10 Toes Down Richlin Farlo/Pink N Yellow Bubbles Prods.Recurring
Stand Up
Class End PerformanceDecember 2016These routines were developed during the classes, practiced and delivered as part of the class end performance at Second City.