Front End focused Full Stack (.Net based) Developer

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Resume: Last updated 2018-07-18


Web Development and Debugging



ØCSS Pre-processors: SASS, Less, Stylus

ØCSS Frameworks: Bootstrap, 960gs, custom

ØJavaScript/JQuery, Typescript

ØNode/Express (MEAN Stack)

ØAngularJS, Angular (2/4)

ØBackbone (Basic), Underscore (Basic), RequireJS (Basic), React/Redux (Basic)

ØBower, Grunt, Gulp

ØC#, C# Script, VB, Classic ASP

ØAzure Functions, Azure Service Bus, Azure Event Grids, Azure Apps, Blob Storage, Media Storage, Elastic Pool, Azure SQL

ØNLog, Serilog, Application Insights

ØC, C++

ØJava, JSP, PHP, Perl, GO Lang


ØEmail HTML (and Email marketing)

ØGraphic design, UI/UX

ØMSSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, Cognos, Solr, Redis Cache

ØSharePoint, hybris, OpenCms, Sitecore, Polopoly, Wordpress

ØSocial Media integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Instagram APIs

ØUser Experience and Usability Testing

Workflow & Delivery

ØWeb app Architect


ØResponsive Web Design

ØDesktop first and Mobile first Development

ØSingle page web app or multiple pages web app

ØProgressive Enhancement


ØStandards Compliant, W3C Compliant, WCAG 2.0 Compliant

ØCross-browser, Cross-platform and Cross-device Compatibility

ØOWASP Security principles

ØGenerate Reports for marketing, accounting and business/product teams

ØVisual Studio Project Template


Apps & Tools

ØVisual Studio .Net

ØAzure Portal, Application Insights, LogEntries

ØRabbit MQ

ØJetBrains WebStorm

ØPostman, Fiddler4

ØGit/SVN/Vault Professional

ØAdobe Suite (PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign), Paint .Net, GIMP2

ØJIRA/Basecamp, Jenkins, Bitbucket

ØVisual Studio Code, Sublime, Notepad++


Work Experience
DAC Group
September 2017 - July 2018
Application Developer

Ø Coded and maintained the Social Media Engagement portal, which periodically retrieves content from some Social Media APIs, and displays them in one portal; and allows instant or scheduled publishing of content to Facebook from the portal, along with role and permission management.

o Technology: C# .Net, C# Script, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, MSSQL, Blob Storage, Redis Cache, Rabbit MQ, Hangfire, Git

Ø Architected and coded a centralized Email Notifications API, with application registration and audit logging.

o Technology: C# .Net, C# Script, MSSQL (including sharding), Azure Elastic Pool, Azure Function Apps, Azure Service Bus, Git

Ø Architected and coded the second version of Social Media Engagement portal, with enhancements based on first version; a work in progress.

o Technology: C# .Net, C# Script, MSSQL (including sharding), Azure Elastic Pool, Azure Function Apps (including durable functions), Azure Service Bus, Blob Storage, Media File Storage, Redis Cache, Git

Ø Performed tasks as a team lead; distributed tasks, provided guidance and mentored junior developers

Ø Enhanced the UI and UX, based on the provided requirements and feedback

Ø Performed code reviews for quality control of code

Ø Performed quality assurance tests and assisted the QA tester with various testing scenarios

January 2015 - September 2017
Senior Developer, Business Applications, Information Technology

Ø Coded the main internal news and resource portal for CBC employees, including a basic CMS

o Technology: HTML, CSS (SASS, Bootstrap), Angular JS, C# .Net, Mongo DB, Solr, Polopoly API, Git

Ø Architected and coded a few other portals for CBC employees, including a basic CMS

o Technology: HTML, CSS (SASS, Bootstrap), Angular, Angular JS, C# .Net, Mongo DB, Git

Ø Architected and coded the PBI2016 site

o Technology: HTML, CSS (SASS, Bootstrap), JQuery, C# .Net, .Net Identity Framework, MSSQL, Git

Ø Added new feature to an existing SharePoint portal

Ø Worked closely with the Product Owner and UI/UX team to enhance and deliver the best product

The Source
September 2014 - January 2015
Web Developer

Ø Coded the front end of an internal e-commerce platform (hybris)

o Technology: HTML, CSS (Stylus), JQuery, Git

Ø Worked with partner team on the front end of the new website development

Ø Ensured front end best practices are followed and the end product is of the highest standards & quality

July 2014 to September 2014
Solutions Designer (UI), Contract

Ø Coded the front-end for a web-based portal for customer representatives

o Technology: HTML, CSS (SASS, Bootstrap), Angular JS, Node/Express, Git, TD’s OMNI channel ODK

Ø Provided direction for UI and UX

Ø Followed the strict TD standards for coding, design and accessibility

May 2011 - June 2014
Web Developer

Ø Architected and coded various bilingual small-scale to mid-scale enterprise web applications

o Technology: C# .Net, HTML, CSS (LESS, Bootstrap), JavaScript/JQuery, MSSQL

Ø Coded various Web Service APIs to get and post JSON data

o Technology: C# .Net, MSSQL

Ø Maintained a few existing Classic ASP based web applications

o Technology: ASP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MSSQL

Ø Created the front-end templates for and

o Technology: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Ø Created, tested and deployed HTML emails

o Technology: HTML, CSS

Ø Created a standard contest and campaign Visual Studio Project template, effectively reducing the development time by 75%.

o Technology: C# .Net, HTML, CSS (LESS, Bootstrap), JavaScript/JQuery, MSSQL

o Created a standard database structure and SQL scripts

o Created standard OO models and Data Access Layer, which can be customized as required

Ø Integrated various Social Media features with custom code or plugins such as AddThis

Ø Created cross-browser/cross-platform compatible HTML and CSS layouts; tested compatibility in IE7 to IE11, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera on Windows and MAC

Ø Created responsive layouts using custom, Bootstrap and methodologies

Ø Created various custom JQuery libraries, used various Frameworks/Libraries such as JQuery UI, JQuery Mobile, Modernizr, Kinetic JS, Backbone, AngularJS

Ø Always implemented the SEO best practices, and suggested improvements for better results

Ø Implemented Globalization with resource files, XML and/or database

Ø Provided timely and accurate reporting data as per requirements from the Accounts and Marketing team, data from Database or Google Analytics

Ø Liaised between the UI/UX team and the IT team

Ø Occasionally, modified PhotoShop and Illustrator documents based on client requirements

Ø Collaborated with the product owner teams to implement QA and content changes

Ø Created many company standards in terms of IT development and coding

Seneca College - Continuing Education
August 2008 - August 2011
Web Developer, Contract

Ø Maintained and coded the FCET website using OpenCMS

o Technology: HTML, CSS, JQuery, JSP

Ø Created the front-end templates for various page types to be used in the OpenCMS

o Technology: HTML, CSS, JQuery

Ø Followed the strict best practices for accessibility and usability with W3C and institution standards

Ø Implemented strategies to improve the online marketing functionality and to increase the UX

Ø Built a live search integrated FAQ with advanced search capabilities through keywords with Google

Ø Researched and implemented methods for search engine optimization

Provided an online solution to access various program information packages for print and online format from a single data source from the OpenCMS
Seneca College - Continuing Education
March 2010 - October 2010
Publications Officer, Contract

Ø Edited the part-time studies calendars, micro-computer mini-calendars, FCET PD brochures, and Centre for Distributed Learning mini-calendars using Adobe InDesign, PhotoShop, and Illustrator

Ø Created flyers and posters to bring attention to new subjects and services offered at Seneca College

Ø Set up the distribution process for part-time studies calendars and micro-computer mini-calendars

Ø Worked with the Chairs and Coordinators to ensure submission of accurate content and timely delivery of marketing material

Seneca College
May 2006 - April 2008
Technical Support Agent (Co-op)

Ø Coded the Student Help Desk and ResNet websites

o Technology: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Ø Followed the strict best practices for accessibility and usability with W3C and institution standards

Ø Provided technical support to students and faculty in person, on phone, and via e-mail

Ø Assisted the computer technologists with maintaining more than 1000 workstations at 4 campuses of the College

Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology
2005 - 2008
Computer Programming and Analysis Co-op Diploma (Honours)

Ø Specialized in Database Management

Ø Smile Mentor program

Seneca College - Continuing Education
Computer Graphics Design and Layout
  • Finished most classes for the Certificate Program
HTML4/5, SEO, WCAG, Accessibility
SASS, LESS, Stylus, Bootstrap, etc.
Jquery, Angular, NodeJs, etc
ASP, ASP.Net, Entity Framework, LINQ, etc.
Azure Portal
Function Apps, Elastic Pool, Service Bus, Event Grid, Blob Storage, Media File Storage, App Service Plans, Web Apps, etc.
Mongo, MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Cognos, Sharded Databases
Online and Print MediaAdobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign