Dattu Patel Full Stack Programmer
  • Designed, architected and programmed numerous websites for 11+ years.
  • Front End Languages: HTML, CSS (LESS, SASS, Stylus) and various frameworks,
  • Programming Languages: JavaScript (JQuery,  Angular, NodeJS), C#, ASP, Java, PHP, C, C++, PERL
  • Databases: Mongo, MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Cognos
  • Designed Web UI and developed UX requirements & standards
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Work Experience
Senior Developer, Business Applications, Information TechnologyJanuary 2015 - September 2017<a href="" target="_blank">CBC/Radio-Canada</a>
  • Coding various projects Technologies used: Bootstrap (SASS), Angular 1/2, MongoDb, C#.Net (MVC, .Net Core)
  • Coded various internal portals for CBC employees in Angular JS, C# .Net and MongoDb; as an agile development team member
  • Provided consultation for the UI/UX on all the Applications that I was a part of
  • Included Bootstrap in SASS, and customize bootstrap to suite the needs of the Product Team in terms of design and UX
  • Enhanced various existing API functions and add new APIs to add more functionality in C# .Net MVC
  • Retrieved data from a Polopoly CMS using the API functionalities and customize news feed using Solr queries.
  • Integrated the front end provided by a design firm with an existing SharePoint site, created new features to provide functionality for new requirements and enhanced existing functionalities as per the business requirements
  • Developed the PBI 2016 site in .Net Identity Framework
Web DeveloperSeptember 2014 - January 2015<a href="" target="_blank">The Source</a>
  • Coded the front end of an internal e-commerce platform
  • Worked with partner team on the front end of the new website development
  • Ensured front end best practices are followed and the end product was of the highest standards and quality (hybris based platform)
Solutions Designer (UI), ContractJuly 2014 to September 2014<a href="" target="_blank">TD</a>
  • Coded the front end web app user interface using TD’s new OMNI channel ODK based on Angular, Node, Express and Bootstrap
  • Provided direction for user experience and UI
  • Followed the TD standards for coding, design and web accessibility
Web DeveloperMay 2011 - June 2014<a href="" target="_blank">yconic</a>
  • Created various bilingual small-scale to mid-scale enterprise web applications in VS using the latest HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery and C# .Net technologies
    • Architected the web applications to decouple into self contained projects/pieces and implemented the application design flows and patterns
    • Created cross-browser/cross-platform compatible code for IE7+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera on Windows and Mac
    • Created custom jQuery plugins
    • Coded with JavaScript/jQuery Frameworks/Libraries (e.g.: jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile, Modernizr, KineticJS, knockout, AngularJs, etc)
    • Always implemented the SEO best practices standards
    • Efficiently converted PSD/AI templates to HTML, CSS and JavaScript
    • Integrated Facebook, Twitter and Instagram APIs
    • Created tables, stored procedures and scripts in MSSQL
    • Always followed the brand guidelines for the front end and security guidelines for the backend/database provided by the clients
  • Maintained a few Classic ASP based web applications
  • Coded large-scale enterprise web applications in C# .Net Visual Studio
  • Created various websites and landing pages in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript/jQuery
  • Created the Front End templates for and
  • Developed the new Front End templates for the redesigned website
  • Created a standardized contest/campaign effectively reducing the small-scale to mid-scale enterprise web application development time by more than 75%; this standardized code and architecture was then turned into a VS Project template
  • Provided guidelines for SEO best practice requirements
  • Liaised between the graphic designer(s) and the IT team
  • Collaborated with other teams to implement content and QA changes
  • Received and provided feedback to enhance the usability and accessibility of the web applications and micro-sites
  • Created and deployed HTML emails
  • Created solutions for Social Media integration
  • Worked extensively with Google Analytics ga.js and analytics.js
Web Developer, ContractAugust 2008 - August 2011<a href="" target="_blank">Seneca College - Continuing Education</a>
  • Maintained the FCET website using a Java based OpenCms CMS
  • Created the front end (HTML, CSS and JavaScript/jQuery) templates for the various pages of the website to be used in conjunction with the OpenCms CMS
  • Always followed the best practices for accessibility and usability
  • Implemented strategies to improve the online marketing functionality and to increase user experience
  • Always followed the W3C, college, and best practice standards
  • Assisted in coding the backend for the CMS in JSP and CMS specific language
  • Built a live search integrated FAQ with advanced search capabilities through keywords (using Google Search Documentation)
    • This is when I first learned the importance of following the best practices of SEO, recommended by Google
  • Researched and implemented methods for search engine optimization
  • Coded the custom subject search in collaboration with various team members
  • Provided an online solution to access various program information packages for print and online format from a single data source
Publications Officer, ContractMarch 2010 - October 2010<a href="" target="_blank">Seneca College - Continuing Education</a>
  • Edited the part-time studies calendars, micro computer mini-calendars, FCET PD brochures, and Centre for Distributed Learning mini-calendars using Adobe InDesign, PhotoShop, and Illustrator
  • Created flyers and posters to bring attention to new subjects and services offered at Seneca College
  • Set up the distribution process for part-time studies calendars and micro computer mini-calendars
  • Worked with the Chairs and Coordinators to ensure submission of accurate content and timely delivery of marketing material
Technical Support Agent (Co-op)May 2006 - April 2008<a href="" target="_blank">Seneca College</a>
  • Coded the Student Help Desk and ResNet websites in HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Always followed the best practices for accessibility and usability
  • Always followed the W3C, college, and best practice standards
  • Provided technical support to students and faculty in person, on phone, and via e-mail
  • Assisted the computer technologists with maintaining more than one thousand workstations at four campuses of Seneca College
Computer Programming and Analysis Co-op Diploma (Honours)2005 - 2008<a href="" target="_blank">Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology</a>
  • Specialized in Database Management
  • Smile Mentor program
Computer Graphics Design and Layout
  • Finished most classes for the Certificate Program
HTMLHTML4/5, SEO, WCAG, Accessibility
CSS SASS, LESS, Stylus, Bootstrap, etc.
JavaScriptJquery, Angular, NodeJs, etc
C#ASP, ASP.Net, Entity Framework, LINQ, etc.
DatabasesMongo, MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Cognos
UI/UXOnline and Print Media Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign